Olympic National Park: Ruby Beach

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park

Ruby Beach is definitely a Must See if you're traveling in the Pacific Northwest. The beach is strewn with logs and flotsam washed ashore and has magnificent views of a multitude of geological formations including Abbey Island. In the early mornings, whales and sea otters can be spotted in the distant waters and eagles can be seen soaring overhead.

A beach full of downed logs wasn't going to keep Jordan from his first swim in the Pacific Ocean. Logs and temporary sand bridges traverse the estuaries that feed from the ocean. Though sinking your feet into the sand might be high-priority, keep your shoes around until you get to the sandier parts of the beach.

The dramatic coastal landscape contributes to a sense of awe.

As rugged and remote as Ruby Beach may seem, there were friendly reminders of civilization all around. Sand castles, foot prints of a dog and his person, and even a few of these driftwood shanties! I think my Dad staked his claim on this one as his next real estate investment.

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